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W3 = Wild Winter Wonzey In Washington

W3 = Wild Winter Wonzey (Dara, Monk, Rekoil, Secret Panda Society

1716 I st. NW
General Admission: $20.00
Buy General Admission New Years Eve Ticket for w3-wild-winter-wonzey-dara-monk-rekoil-secret-panda-society


W3=Wild Winter Wonzey
▫ ✧ ▫ ✫ ▪ ★ ▪ ✰ ▫ ✧ ▫ ✫ ▪ ★ ▪ ✰ ▫ ✧ ▫ ✫
°The Winter Storm of DJs°
▫ ✧ ▫ ✫ ▪ ★ ▪ ✰ ▫ ✧ ▫ ✫ ▪ ★ ▪ ✰ ▫ ✧ ▫ ✫
Hosted by DreamBeamz.com
➢ Its a Laser storm of MUSIC & ART!!!!!!!!
Taking the dance floor by storm with the hottest live DJs and underground EDM Mashup from Dubstep, DrumandBass, Eletro-House, and BEAMZ by DreamBeamz!!!… The Laser Riots are here to track this Winter Storm with Dara, DJ Monk, Rekoil, Secret Panda Society:

You wanted MORE,
You asked for it,

Join this Epic Storm into the divine dynasty we call….
W3=Wild Winter Wonzey!!!!!!!! 

⁹▫ ✧ ▫ ✫ ▪ ★ ▪ ✰ ⁹△⁹ ✧ ▫ ✫ ▪ ★ ▪ ✰ ▫⁹


DARA (New York, NY)





➣ ★ 9:00PM – 3:00AM
➣ 4 rooms of music!




➢ $20 ADVANCE 
➢ $25 Door


This is an 18+ event, come to dance, come to jump!

Positive vibes, No baggy clothes, and Come to have fun!

21+ to Drink and 18+ to Party. Come touch the Laser Beamz and party with the live DJs


Club Eden 1716 I ST NW Washington DC 20006



Exploding into the bass music scene, Collin McKay has proven that age is nothing more than a number. Releasing hard-hitting tracks under his alter ego ‘Rekoil’, the 19-year-old producer is already a force to be reckoned with.

Immediately garnering attention from bass music heavy weights, Rekoil quickly found his way onto Datsik’s Firepower Records and joined him on the 2013 Reloaded Tour.

Shaping up to be a huge year, 2014 has already seen complete destruction by the Baltimore native. After several earth-shattering WMC performances, Rekoil dominated Hollywood’s legendary Avalon during 12th Planet’s SMOG Takeover.

Coming up next, chaos is to be expected as the hard-hitting young producer joins Getter’s bass-heavy Gnartillery tour. With his fresh face and filthy tracks, Rekoil will continue to tear up the scene, securing his future as a bass music power player.


On arriving in the US from Ireland in 1994, Dara quickly established himself as one of the top DJs on the US scene. Now every weekend finds him spinning in different cities across the country. Since his first record release in 1995, Dara has produced a string of highly successful singles and remixes as well as his 1997 full-length debut Halfway Home (sm-e communications) has been a huge critical and commercial success.

As a result from both his successful DJing and recording endeavors, Dara has become one of the most recognizable faces on the US drum ‘n’ bass scene. He has been featured in countless magazine appearances and interviews both in the US and worldwide. He can be found making his annual appearance at the legendary Notting Hill Carnival along with raves and clubs all across the US. For some time Dara was also the host of a weekly web-TV show Velocity on which he has interviewed some of the leading names in drum ‘n’ bass, including Jonny L, Kemistry and Storm, Trace, Ed Rush and Optical, Hype, Andy C, Zinc, SS and many others.

Dara is currently working on single releases for his own imprint, Breakbeat Science Recordings, including the upcoming BBSCI003 release “Possession / Duplicity (Klute Rmx)” which is being caned on plate at the moment. In 2000, Dara completed “From Here To There”, a new mixed CD on Moonshine that features some amazing tracks. These include Dara’ own “Duplicity” (Klute Remix), as well as set opener “Crazy” by L Double & Serena, DJ Hype’ “The Big 3-Oh,” two tracks from John B (“Prowler” and “Progress”), Kenny Ken’ “Project One” and numerous other top tracks.

Soon, Dara will join forces once again with AK1200 and Dieselboy for their second annual Planet of the Drums Tour. Planet of the Drums was born out of frustration due to lack of exposure and professionalism for Drum ‘n’ Bass in the States and with Dara, AK and Dieselboy each other’s main competition, it made perfect sense to band together and hit the road.

Along with touring nation wide, Dara has been recording some original tracks and putting them out on his Breakbeat Science and Orgone Recordings imprints. Breakbeat Science is not only his label, but it is also the first and biggest drum ‘n’ bass store, co-founded by Dara. Dara has done an array of remixes including on singles from DJ’s such as Keoki, Pizzicato Five, Dog Eat Dog, Black Nostaljack and Afrika Bambaata.


From small dark clubs to massive outdoor festivals, always turning it out – it is here where you, the subterranean public may encounter The Monk…… the Mack-Of-All-Trades, dj/producer/artist and overall hustler of culture. Banging out a soundtrack of underground party music that jumps from hard house and breaks to slamming disco-tech, and twisted techno, to drum and bass rinse-outs, the dreadlocked Monk punishes the crossfader as he works one record against another in a style that owes more to hip hop than to conventional club DJ’ing.

As one of the Founders of Rabbit in the Moon, Pimp Juice and Hallucination Records, Monk is a corner stone of the Southeastern U.S. Scene and has established himself as a devoted player in the Electronic Music Industry worldwide. Best known for his early work and collaboration with Confucius in the collective “Rabbit In The Moon” and as the opening dj to the RITM live show for over a decade (‘92-2002), Monk is breaking new ground with several new innovative audio-visual projects. Now establishing a solo career and running Hallucination full time, Monk keeps busy remixing world renowned artists like Sting, Limp Bizkit, and Britney Spears. Constantly in demand, his remixes are taking the Billboard Dance / Club Play charts by storm, and charting in BILLBOARDS TOP TEN most recently with Cooler Kids “Punk Debutante”, Boomkat’s “The Wreckoning”, and T.A.T.U.’s “All The Things She Said.”

One of the most versatile djs around, Monk is known for his unique dj sets ranging from his traditional hardbangin’ house funky breaks style with a touch of drum & bass & hip hop, to a deeper “Dark Side Of The Monk” set that leans toward a darker tech-house meets tribal & disco house style. If Monk can’t make yo’ booty move, yo’ booty must be dead. Voted in BPM magazine as receiving the “most fan email nominations” in the country and one of Americas Favorite DJs – March 2003, Monk has forged his place in the underground dance community. A forefather of the Hallucination-Generation, originator, innovator, guaranteed to rock tha party, Monk continues to freak the funk week in & week out headlining shows across the nation. One Nation Underground Invisible .Halluci-nation.*

*Look out for a brand new DJ MONK mix cd and original 12 tracks in the not to distant future. Check out the custom live visual mayhem by Hallucination On Film at all Monk shows, and on special occasions see his dancer “Skandalous” and M.C. “Cles One” rock the party with him side by side.


18+ to Dance 21+ to Drink 




Laser Production and Kryo FX by DreamBeamz 


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