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Paul Van Dyk In San Francisco

Paul Van Dyk

Fri Dec 27 2013 900PM
San Francisco
1015 Folsom Street
General Admission: $50.00
Buy General Admission New Years Eve Ticket for Paul Van Dyk
VIP Admission: $60.00
Buy VIP Admission New Years Eve Ticket for Paul Van Dyk
Electronic Escape Vandit Trecords Presents

Paul Van Dyk

Friday December 27,2013

At 1015 Folsom, 1015 Folsom St. San Francisco CA

Paul Van Dyk + massive Surprise DJ T.B.A + Many More

Pre-sales: Get your ticket now before final sales announcements are made.

Evolution Biography

The nucleus. From the origin of a single remix, an extraordinary music career set in motion… Throughout its course, it has given rise to terms including ‘genre creator’, ‘artisan DJ’ and ‘studio maven’, as well as others like ‘activist’, ‘pacifist’ and ‘worldcitizen’. All designations regularly used to describe the life of Grammynominated DJ/producer and dance music icon, Paul van Dyk.

Following the scene’s first gleaming, 20 years ago, he became trance music’s internationally recognised torchbearer. From there he’s gone from vanguard to its single most enduring influence.

A virtuoso DJ, van Dyk circles the globe 16 times per annum, entertaining an average 3 million + music lovers along the way. He has twice taken the title of the world’s no.1 DJ a feat achieved todate by just two other spinners. On Barra Beach in Rio, during the 2008 New Years celebrations, he famously spun to an unprecedented (and then record) audience totalling 1.5 million. As a producer Paul’s achieved similar success. In 1994 he recorded ‘For an Angel’, a track that regularly tops trance music’s greatestever lists and 3 years later he remixed ‘Age of Love’, which also frequently contends that title. He continues to build upon one of EDM’s most outstanding remixographies. Artists who have received the Paul van Dyk hallmark remix have included mainstream superstars like Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. He’s also reworked more diverse acts, like industrial metal rockers Rammstein, as well as timeless bands like U2, Depeche Mode and New Order. Van Dyk is also a regular film and game score contributor, which has resulted in many notable OST credits. They have included his rework of Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer’s ‘A Poor Choice of Words’ for ‘The Dark Knight’ soundtrack and ‘Still Alive’ for EA’s groundbreaking ‘Mirror’s Edge’ game.

As the label owner of VANDIT Records, Paul uses the platform to break the music of likeminded contemporaries, as well as maintaining the rights to his own. A diehard radio devotee, he was one of the first DJs to fully harness the medium to transmit his EDM message. His revered, long standing Soundgarden show is now in its tenth year and he also produces and presents VONYC Sessions, which airs through the Trancid Channels of iHeartRadio / Clear Channel. Compilationwise he’s has been behind several mixalbum series, including 2 editions of his celebrated ‘The Politics of Dancing’ (2001 and 2005). Throughout his career he has amassed many international awards, for a wide range of activities. Among those are the illustrious Landesverdienstorden (Berlin’s Medal of Honour, given in recognition of his work towards social justice), a string of IDMA wins and Mixmag’s Man of the Year accolade

Two decades on from trancecatalysers like his ‘Love Stimulation’ remix, the early MFS releases and his EWerk sets, sceneoriginator Paul van Dyk now stands on the threshold of his sixth fulllength album. The successor to ’45 RPM’ (1994), ‘Seven Ways’ (1996), ‘Out There And Back’ (2000), as well as the Grammy nominated ‘Reflections’ (2003) and ‘In Between’ (2007), it is, in ways small and big, an evolutionary release.

Dateline: Feb 2012, Berlin ‘when I settled on this album’s title, it naturally related to the five EDM years which have past since ‘In Between’, says Paul. ‘As much though ‘Evolution’ is a reflection on the longer journey my career has taken. One that began growing up behind the Iron Curtain, through to where I find myself today. I feel that anything I had to strive to achieve back then will naturally be more valued now. This was the case with my connection to music throughout those formative years. Growing up, I listened to RIAS (Radio In The American Sector), which transmitted from West Berlin. Tuning in was actively discouraged’, He recalls, ‘but it became the only way to connect with a freer society and the outside world. As such I felt that music had even greater resonance for me. More than if there’d been all the media freedom of the west at any rate’.

After a brief spell residing in Hamburg, Paul returned to Berlin at the start of ’91. He made his first ever DJ appearance in March of that year, during the opening month of fastto becomelegendary techno temple, Tresor. From there he began to build a spinning career, which, by ’97 had unlocked the door to its highest echelons. As the twin phenomena of Superclubs and the DJasarockstar landed, he found himself not only as trance’s most synonymous producer, but also its figurehead DJ. From that point on van Dyk has held sway over dance floors in every EDMspeaking country in the world. He holds the record for the longest unbroken run inside the ranks of the world’s Top 100, has twice reached the no.1 position, and spun under every major tentpole on the planet.

Drawing on this wealth of DJ experience and ability in an entirely new fashion, Paul put his deck time to unique effect for ‘Evolution’. Throughout the 10 months leading up to its completion, he brought each track in turn to dancefloors in order to test run them. Using a portable, customized, hybrid production/DJ setup, he introduced new harmonies, melodies, note arrangements, bass and FX on each. Trialling them on the fly and literally evolving the tracks realtime, this method gave him invaluable, firsthand floorfeedback. Of this technique, Paul said: ‘I’m not sure if clubbers realized it at the time, but they were essentially interacting with the music making process of ‘Evolution’. Their reactions were showing me which direction each of the tracks should take’. This inventive ‘clubbecomesastudio’ system has helped van Dyk craft what is without doubt the most dancefloororientated album of his career.

The evolution will be realized. With a nextlevel album in motion, van Dyk pushed its range further through an increasingly favoured studio method. Seeing the collaboration as a natural bridge for a positive exchange of influences, his early years gave rise to many landmarks. These included ‘Flaming June’ and ‘Namistai’ (with BT), the embryonic ‘Visions of Shiva’, as well as vocal collabs such as ‘Tell Me Why’ with Saint Etienne and ‘Fall With Me’, with Talking Head, David Byrne. For ‘Evolution’ though he pushes this coproduction dogma into supernova. On ‘Eternity’, with Owl City’s Adam Young and ‘If You Want My Love’ featuring Swedish alternativerockers Caligola (from Mando Diao), he blurs the boundaries of the electronic and nonelectronic music. Working together with Contemporary Christian music doyen Plumb, they created the brooding, emotive sear of ‘If I Don’t Deserve You’. It also sees Paul resume his already productive Berlin/Miami connection with Austin Leeds and, likewise, create two tracks with Russian wunderkind Arty. He’s also back working with regular kindred musical spirit, Giuseppe Ottaviani and coproducing for the first time with techno/techtrance don Ummet Ozcan.

In solo mode meanwhile, on ‘Rock This’, PvD pointedly (and thoroughly) subverts the rules of the EDM subgenre. A truly maverick track, it sees him experiment with several electronic dance styles, all inside the confines of a single piece of music.

With this mass of new PvD music now in hand, the time has now finally come to take the finished tracks to clubs, arenas and festivals around the world. There, Paul will personally introduce them to fans old and new, as part of the mammoth 50 date Evolution World Tour.

With production complete, additionally it allows Paul time to rededicate to his other projects. Among them is his Ruckenwind (Tailwind) charity, which seeks to maintain a thirst for knowledge in underprivileged children. It’ll also provide him with more time to engage in his longstanding political involvements, specifically his work with antiwar movements and organizations.

You can obtain more information on all of Paul van Dyk’s musical and nonmusical activities through the links below…

www.paulvandyk.com www.facebook.com/paulvandyk www.twitter.com/paulvandyk
Band Interests
the label:
VANDIT Records


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