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NYE 2012 Glow Party 2.0

NYE 2012 Glow Party 2.0
Sugar Studios
Sat Dec 31 2011 1000PM
1635 Powell Street
Early bird tickets: $30.00
Buy Early bird tickets New Years Eve Ticket for NYE 2012 Glow Party 2.0

2011 has been the most insane year I?ve ever had, so it?s only fitting that we send the year off with the biggest, baddest party we can throw ourselves! Kyle and I have talked about how awesome his birthday glow party was for months and months, and it seemed fitting that we continue with that theme but make it much bigger and much better than before!

I know every year, it?s so difficult to get a group of people to party together for NYE. Everyone humms and haws and nobody ends up doing anything together. The few times I?ve done NYE as a large group, it?s been unbelievably memorable. Kyle and I wanted to make this as easy as possible to do, so we are throwing this party out of pocket and making it as cheap as possible so everyone has no excuse for not wanting to go to this over anything else going on that night. We are are hoping to be lucky enough to break even but that?s not what is important to us. Our plan is to have a non-profit way to bring friends together and still throw the most bad-ass party anyone has ever seen in Vancouver this year!

It goes without saying that a party is only a party worth going to when there is a theme involved, and our favourite this year has been to GLOW: so come in your tight and brights, paint your skin with luminescent paint, and get decked out in glow sticks for what will be an amazing, psychedelic ride into the new year! We will have HUNDREDS of glow sticks on site, glow paints, and makeup artists to get you decked out if you don?t show up in appropriate attire, so shy people need not apply :) . We will have a bartender with a by-donation cash bar on site, massive sound and professional DJ?s spinning well into the morning hours, partying VEGAS style till the sun comes up, rendering our glow sticks finally useless. DJ?s will be spinning everything electro: from dirty house to dubstep (NO it wont be all dubstep, for you haters out there ;) ), keeping everything high energy and fun!

Things to know:

The party is being held at Sugar Studios, in studio A. Studio A is larger than the last party we had at Sugar, which was in studio B, and is located at the back of the building. There is ample parking available in the area.

We will be starting at about 10:30pm, and going till far in the after hours. So, if you were a fool and already committed to another party, it will be lame and end at 2 or 3 am, while we are still partying till the morning. so, you can still arrive after and regret your decision not to get rid of your ticket and come just to this party instead (ticket price/cover still applies) :) .

Speaking of cover charge. Advance tickets will be 20 dollars (cheapest NYE party by far), with cover increasing at the door (TBD). We are hoping to fill up the place so we can break even on the expenses, so there are no guest lists or comp tickets (except immediate family. My mom gets in free, New Years Day is her birthday anyways.) If you can?t come up with 20 dollars to come to the best party of the year, then you probably shouldn?t be partying anyway.

We will have a cash only bar on site, with bartender. Shots will be 2 dollars minimum, with other drinks being 3 dollar minimum. (again, just trying to cover expenses).

We will have glow sticks and glow paints on-site. You are encouraged to come dressed up, but if you come unprepared, we will have the means to get you into the festive mood :P . We are hoping to have make up artists on site for possible body painting if we can! (any MUA takers?).

We really hope you will help us by buying tickets in advance, as the more tickets sold before hand, the more we can spend on decorations!

DJ?s Alje Vennemma and Sean ?Deezel? McEwen will be the DJ?s for the night, and I am eternally grateful to them for coming through! Love you guys!

Our plan is to go as over the top with production and decorations. The last time was good, for a last minute effort. Now we have the time and experience, as well as putting in many more resources, to make this THE best glow party Vancouver has ever seen! Lets make this a visual spectacle to remember and dress for the occasion!

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