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Ngoma Lounge

  • Location: 424 College st
  • Phone: 416-529-0801
  • Layout: small
  • Atmosphere: african style lounge
  • Description: Ngoma Lounge is an African themed, prime entertainment venue, bringing you the latest and hottest in African music, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dance, and RnB.

    Ngoma Lounge offers a place to relax, gather with friends and let loose. Come and join us for our Friday and Saturday night parties!

    A premier, high quality african club
    A progressve and peaceful environment
    An accessible and Inclusive community-friendly venue

    …Ngoma LIVE MUSIC Thursdays presents…

    Open Mic, Live Music Featuring Kijanya, Cassa, Nic,etc.
    Show Starts at 9:00 pm
    …Bring a friend , Bring a guitar…

    Ngoma is…

    Ngoma is SOUND The ferocious Ingoma drums have sounded in the lands of many African countries such as Burundi, Rwanda, South Africa, Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe and many more from time immemorial. Ngoma are the ancestors and foundation to all drum beat. Music and sound begin with Ngoma.

    Ngoma is CULTURE From the shores of Africa, to Brazil, Haiti, Cuba and beyond specific songs are sang and performed for Ngoma, the drum. The origin, making and safety of Ngoma embody an entire institution merging, history, spirituality and community.

    Ngoma is POWER Both literally and metaphorically. Historically, in Burundi and Rwanda, for example, the word Ingoma stood for political power. But Ngoma also represented the voice of the people. If the population did not agree with the deeds of those in power, specific drums/Ngoma resonated in the land as a message capable of overthrowing the rulers.

    Ngoma is UNITY Because the sounds, songs, performances, celebrations of Ngoma resonate throughout Africa, Ngoma also symbolizes unity-African unity.

    Ngoma is LIFE The heartbeat of our mothers is arguably the first significant sound that we all hear as fetus. The heart beating and pulsing like a drum. We come to life through Ngoma. Ngoma is life.

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