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New Years Goes BONKERS In Vancouver

New Years Goes BONKERS
Korean Community Center
Sat Dec 31 2011 900PM
1320 E Hastings
Regular: $25.00
Buy Regular New Years Eve Ticket for New Years Goes BONKERS
We had so much fun rocking out on Halloween that we couldn’t pass up the chance to grab the same venue and go until the wee hours of the morning again. 
We got the one and only Jpod the Beat Chef, That African, Mark Gudz, Bikes & Extatic!. Just wanted to throw this up for all to see so you know you wont need to search for anything else. 
Tickets now on sale at $25 at CLUBZONE and BEATSTREET
(There are no processing fees at BeatStreet!) or if you by from any of us promoters (Matt, Shawn, Mark or Eyelean) 
Get them before they sell out!
JPOD:One of the dates for his new album release tour. Album is called Halfsteppin and drops on midnight!! So be ready for a full fledged preview.
JPODS Signature sound combines dropkick drums, bobblehead bass and intelligent instrumentation that uniquely represents the flowering West-Coast Canada flavor. With highly original productions, remixes and an innovative DJ style, JPOD?s live performances never fail to impress listeners and dancers alike, invariably creating an army of smiling faces. In addition JPOD runs a cutting-edge digital label called Swing Set Sounds which is aimed not only at providing great music but also various tools for new wave producers and remix DJs. Having toured extensively in Western Canada and Australia at both clubs and festivals, JPOD continues to energetically spread his sound to all open ears.
[ jpodtbc.com ]
Plays beats that make your head nod.
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Record Label: Perception/Moo
For those that are new to this guy’s madness on the decks just picture the best of every genre coming together. And while giving you that nostalgic tingly feeling the next song will be so ridiculous that all you can do is drink Polish Vodka and come up with new dance moves.
This guy will make you spin round and round with his funky soul remixes, house beats incorporated with disco and classic pop songs that will make you remember the good old days.
A self-proclaimed purveyor of good times, BIKES likes to keep the energy high and the dance floor moving with what he calls sophisticated dance music. Expect a typical set to run the gamut of Nu Disco, Deep/Soulful House & Electro with an emphasis on tasteful music.

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