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Tue Dec 31 2013 900PM
San Diego
454 6th avenue
Regular: $100.00
Buy Regular New Years Eve Ticket for NEW YEARS EVE 2014 @ STINGAREE





Phoenix, Arizona native Daniel Kutz, better known as Fashen became an essential part of the budding Los Angeles club circuit in the early 90s. With over 10 years of radio under his belt and almost 2 decades behind the turntables performing at concerts, clubs, and producing multiple mix CDs and remixes, Fashen continues to dominate and secure his position at the forefront in the evolving world of DJing.

Fashen has grown to become synonymous with the art of DJing throughout the world. Photography, architecture, and art are Fashens inspiration for music. Using this design-inspired approach allows him to weave in and out of music genres with precision and ease.
With a wealth of musical knowledge that spans the genres of rock, electro, hip hop, and pop, Fashen plays an eclectic mix to crowds spanning the globe.

He is recognized and reveled as one of the hardest working DJs in the business. Making a living out of what he calls a bedroom hobby Fashen counts his blessings citing that if he wasnt out touring the world and performing for celebrity jet-setters hed be working the nine to five with everyone else.

I have a great work ethic. I get that from my father. Theres always something to be done, and someone who needs to do it. May as well be me.

Obsessed and entranced audiences are captivated by his electric style and mind blowing delivery. With his mad skill, seemingly effortless durability, hustle and larger than life personality Fashen has not only the raised the bar of Djing but solidified his current ranking as one of the most sought after turntablist in the world and has earned the title of Mixshow Power Summits West Coast DJ of the Year. After winning Rockstar Energy Drinks Next on the Decks contest, he was able to deliver his unique blends to the hottest clubs in New York, Miami, Hollywood, Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, all over the Mid-West, Canada, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, other parts of Asia and Melbourne and The Gold Coast Australia.

At their shows and events, Fashen has performed for A-listers like Kanye West, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Run DMC, Jay-Z, Paris Hilton, The Kardashians, and David Lachapelle.

Weve had this guy do half a dozen shows for us and hes never once played anything close to the same set absolutely brilliant musically and on the cutting edge always. Hes a monster technically and one cool ass dude.

At the core Fashen is a thoughtful DJ whose passion shows through his sets. He guarantees a delivery of blending all genre of music at any given time has earned the respect of his peers. Mixing and scratching on records, performing at worldwide venues combined with years of mixing on Phoenixs number one hip-hop and R&B radio station, Fashen has created more than just a name for himself. hes the brand.SUPPORT BY DJ KAOS



After going to countless shows and seeing lackluster DJ’s standing behind computers and merely turning knobs, Ryan and Aaron decided that something needed to be done, not just for themselves, but for the sake of the PARTY. 


After a chance meeting at a local Guitar Center in early 2011, Ryan and Aaron set out to turn the Hollywood club scene on its head, spreading their love for dirty, sexy house music with nothing more than contagious enthusiasm and a taste for hedonism. They believe that performance is everything, with music selection and crowd interaction being two halves of the puzzle that can make or break a night. From dialogue on the mic, to feeding girls shots, they somehow seem to make the crowds go CRAZY. 


Within the first month, they established a residency at Supperclub Hollywood and Nikki Beach Las Vegas. Over the course of the year, they performed at WMC Miami, held residencies at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas, Wild Knight Arizona, and were even asked to perform on the Kandy Kruise with Avicii, the EC Twins, and Paul Oakenfold. Everyone seemed to want a piece of the fun loving, wild and crazy duo…


With their performance game on point, they reached out to producer Brian Matrix to collaborate on their first two original tracks, The Beginning, and Right Now. The Beginning, a seductive, festival ready anthem, broke into the top 100 progressive releases on Beatport and continues to be a staple in every one if their sets. Right Now is a killer progressive vocal track that is waiting to be released. They continue to put out bootlegs, many of which have received support from artists like Nicky Romero.


2013 is looking to be very promising for the boys. They have international tours lined up for Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, all while maintaining a full time touring schedule domestically. They continue to put out engaging photo/video content weekly, and are working on their first three track EP, scheduled to drop in early 2013. Between their solid fan base, their ubiquitous social media presence, and the lifestyle they represent, there is no question that Sex Panther will be a name to watch out for in 2013 and beyond.



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