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  • Location: 320 Abbott
  • Phone: 604-408-5822
  • Description: The Met is back!
    Better than ever.
    We’ve cleaned it up, added a kitchen, pool table, shuffle board, foos ball, TV’s, buck hunter, two pin ball games… an ATM.. yes that’s right an ATM!! ;)

    Can o’ beer + a shot $8 … yup
    Drop shots $4.25 (w/red bull $6)

    1 topping pizza $5.00
    double highballs $6.00
    Black Label sleeves $3.50

    spaghetti bolognese $5.00
    domestic pitchers $12.00

    WEDNESDAYS: Karaokeeeeeee!
    with your host Gogan who brings over 70,000 songs to choose from. And!
    The Lovely Louise & Natalie taking over the mic when it feels right.
    manwich & fries $6.50
    domestic sleeves $3.75


    double highballs $6.50
    domestic sleeves $3.75

    Trevor Risk and friends
    1 topping pizza $5
    double highballs $7.25


    SATURDAYS: Black Label
    Dana D and Guests
    breaky till 6 $5.00 add a Caesar for $4.00
    double highballs $7.25

    breaky till 6 $5.00 add a Caesar for $4.00
    Red Stripe $4.50

    At the Donnelly Pub Group we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, from an extensive craft-beer selection and custom, handcrafted cocktails, to selecting the perfect sound experience for each of our modern pubs. We believe in progressing forward without sacrificing the cornerstones of great atmosphere: outstanding service, impressive food and hip, comfortable interior design. Each guest experience is the culmination of 20+ years of industry knowledge, visits to countless classic and contemporary establishments worldwide and a dedication to innovative ideas. We provide our guests with new pub culture through new pub style, new pub taste and new pub entertainment.

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